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Guess who got their hands on Fenty? This girl right here! I managed to track down a Fenty Beauty counter at Harvey Nichols. There was a queue and the entire section was crowded, but I managed to elbow my way through the masses and get my hands on three products; a Mattemoiselle lipstick, a Match Stix Matte Skinstick, and the Stunna Lip Paint.

The Mattemoiselle lipstick is one of the creamiest and most pigmented formulas that I’ve tried. The packaging is geometric and reflective, which gets annoying at times because of the fingerprint smudges, but that can quite easily be overlooked because just look at it! The bullet is skinnier than most lipstick bullets, which I find makes application super easy. I got the shade S1NGLE, which is a beautiful, dark, warm-toned nude. I love this shade! Available in 14 shades, retail price: 16 GBP.

This Stunna Lip Paint is the only one of its kind in the Fenty Beauty range, which seems odd at first, but when you try it out, you get it. The formula, colour, and packaging of this is absolutely stunn(a)ing – see what I did there? Lol ignore me. This is an incredibly pigmented, true red liquid lipstick. The applicator is so oddly shaped, but I find makes it so easy to apply. This has amazing staying power without feeling uncomfortable and drying on the lips. As a tip, always try to scrub and moisturise your lips well before applying any liquid lipstick. Retail price: 19 GBP.

The final product that I decided to pick up was the Match Stix Matte Skinstick in the shade Mocha. This is one of the contour shades from the range and is perfect for medium skin tones. These are available in twenty shades, which comprise of a mixture of concealer, bronzer, and contour products. This shade in particular is a perfect contour/bronzing shade for me because of its neutral undertones. It blends like a dream and gives such good pigmentation. I have been using this and only this to bronze up my face lately and I’ve been so impressed. These also come in trio and duo sets, and best of all, they’re magnetic! Retail price: 21 GBP.

One of the outstanding features of Fenty Beauty is their inclusivity of skin tones; they have a range of forty foundation shades! Just seeing people comment on Fenty Beauty saying that they finally have a foundation that matches them, makes me so happy. I would love to try more so just let me know what you’re curious about and I can pick it up!

A Comfy Start To Spring

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London in the summertime is really something to behold. It’s also the only time of year I’ve ever been brave enough to come and live in this city because your girl could never survive negative degrees for months on end – yikes!

As the weather has been warming up, I have been increasingly drawn to this beautiful mustard shade. Finding the right style was the tricky thing, but I found this midi length jumpsuit to be the perfect start to my spring wardrobe. I am currently stocking up on midi length clothing. The length looks classic and is perfect for transitional weather.

This look hugs in all the right places; pinches in at the waist, fits around the bust and is comfy and flowy from the waist down. I paired this jumpsuit with simple black sandals and Audrey Hepburn-style sunnies (another current obsession).

Jumpsuit – Primark

Sunglasses – H&M

Sandals – Zara

Shot at Penny Hill Park

Nivea Micellar Water

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One of my absolute favourite ways to remove my makeup is with a micellar water. I either use this in conjunction with a cleansing balm if I have a full face of makeup on, or by itself on lazier days.

The first micellar water I was introduced to was the Bioderma one. That one is excellent, but pricey. Since then, there have been many brands that have released affordable and effective micellar waters.

I have been trying this Nivea one recently, and really love it! It does a great job at removing my makeup without irritating my skin. Plus, there’s loads of product in the bottle. I just soak a few cotton rounds and it removes my base makeup as well as my eye makeup with ease.

Boost Serum

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I have always been a big fan of serums and have had one in my routine for the last five years. This one arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, and given that each one targeted different skin concerns, I was really excited to try these.

I use my serums as my last step before moisturising. There are six different versions of these to choose from; Glow, Calm, Clear, Energize, Quench, and Smooth, but because I have issues with fine lines and hormonal blemishes, I opted for the smooth and clear versions of the serum. I don’t have a huge issue with wrinkles, but I like using products that will prevent them; because of that, I didn’t notice much of a difference. I also only get blemishes as a lovely side effect to hormones. I used the serum at this time and found that it really minimised the quantity and longevity of my breakouts.

One of the highlights of this product from is the packaging. It feels slightly cheap, but is super easy to use and because it’s made out of plastic instead of glass, it won’t break easily.

I loved both of these serums and will absolutely be incorporating them in my daily skincare routine.

Check them out here.

My Recent Body Shop Re-Purchases

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Over the festive period, I well and truly milked the specials that all the stores were having. Case and point; The Body Shop. I decided to go in on these three products which are all products I have used and loved in the past.

The Drops Of Light Serum is one I’ve mentioned on my YouTube channel before in an empties video. This is an incredibly light formula that smells like heaven. The packaging is one of my favourite things about this product as it’s a pipette dropper in a glass bottle. Not great for traveling, but oh-so pretty, and I’ve had no breakages thus far. I just love having this in my routine because it just feels so luxurious and leaves my skin feeling and smelling incredible.

The Tea Tree range from The Body Shop is one of my longtime loves. Tea tree is great for blemishes, but the oil in it’s purest form is too strong for the skin. This range has it diluted in many different products to help out with breakouts and I’m a big fan. This clay mask is light and smooth and leaves my skin feeling cleansed. It always helps out with my hormonal breakouts and I’m still a fan.

There’s not much I need to say about the Coconut Body Butter. It is rich and creamy, and smells like coconut summery heaven. This was the first ever Body Shop body butter I was ever introduced to and I still enjoy smothering my body in this.

The Body Shop Cushion Foundation

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This was a first for me. I believe that there are quite a few brands that have cushion foundations, but The Body Shop was definitely one of the first affordable brands to release one. So because this is new to me, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I definitely have my opinions.

The Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation comes in five shades. I am in the shade “Wanaka Honey 04” which is the second last shade in the range, which is not ideal. There are relatively pale shades, but if your skin tone runs deeper, then this won’t be for you – sorry! I am also not the biggest fan of the cushion itself because it isn’t really a cushion at all, it’s more of a net covering the product inside. On most cushion foundations, you can flip the cushion when it starts running out and it sort of gives it new life. On this one, I find the product quite difficult to get onto my brush because I can’t really dig into it.

Now that the negatives are out the way, here are the things I love. This feels incredibly lightweight on my skin, and I always get compliments when I wear it. This also contains an SPF of 25 which is perfect for the warmer months. I like how compact this is, I like that it has a mirror, and I like that they’ve included beneficial skin care ingredients in the formula. This retails for R360.

Local Love: Lulu & Marula

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I love supporting local brands, especially ones that are good! I have followed Lulu & Marula on Instagram for a few years now, and this festive season I decided to purchase a few products; some gifts and this product for myself. The product that I kept for myself was the Balancing Cleansing Balm.

This is a product meant to cleanse your face but also to remove makeup. Which as you guys know, is completely my jam. This is a thick balm that turns into a milky texture when it comes into contact with water. So the way to use this is to smooth over makeup, on a dry face, then add water to turn it milky, and then rinse off with warm water or a damp face cloth.

This is a very thick formula so I find the best way to use this is to slowly add more water as you’re smoothing it over the face. This results in less tugging on the skin. I love the scent; it’s slightly citrusy but nothing overpowering! I do still go in with another step of cleansing (I do this with all my balm cleansers), but this really gets the good bulk of makeup off my face.

Lulu & Marula as a brand is all-natural, cruelty-free, and minimalist in design. Where they can, they use local products and only make small batches of product at a time so that you get something fresh. When my products arrived, they came in a little cardboard box with a handwritten personal note – so cute!

Click the link here to visit their website and check out what else they have. I will be reviewing more local brands on the blog, so comment with any suggestions!

Clinique Minis – Tried & Tested

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Just in case you guys didn’t know, when you buy Clinique products, sometimes they gift you with adorable mini’s to try out. I recently purchased the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (blog post to follow!) and received these two products as my complimentary gift.

The Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Mask & Scrub has a descriptive enough title that doesn’t need any explanation. The product itself is a blue-grey paste with fine particles in it that exfoliate the skin. I love everything about this product. The packaging is great because it comes in a squeezy tube which is super sanitary, and it contains 100ml of product which is more than most other face masks on the market. This is a 5-minute mask – super convenient, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I would recommend going in with a heavy moisturiser, as exfoliating face masks can leave your skin feeling a tad dry due to it scrubbing off dead skin cells in the process. Retail price: R495

The Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturiser is a blurring primer and moisturiser. This feels like a thick gel and blurs the appearance of pores. I liked this as a blurring primer, but found the consistency a bit thick for my liking. Recently, I’ve been using this just in the centre of my face where my pores are the largest, and applying my regular moisturiser elsewhere. Love that combo! Retail price: R415

I love brands that encourage you to try out more of their product when you support them. Plus, how cute are these samples?

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