My Recent Body Shop Re-Purchases

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Over the festive period, I well and truly milked the specials that all the stores were having. Case and point; The Body Shop. I decided to go in on these three products which are all products I have used and loved in the past.

The Drops Of Light Serum is one I’ve mentioned on my YouTube channel before in an empties video. This is an incredibly light formula that smells like heaven. The packaging is one of my favourite things about this product as it’s a pipette dropper in a glass bottle. Not great for traveling, but oh-so pretty, and I’ve had no breakages thus far. I just love having this in my routine because it just feels so luxurious and leaves my skin feeling and smelling incredible.

The Tea Tree range from The Body Shop is one of my longtime loves. Tea tree is great for blemishes, but the oil in it’s purest form is too strong for the skin. This range has it diluted in many different products to help out with breakouts and I’m a big fan. This clay mask is light and smooth and leaves my skin feeling cleansed. It always helps out with my hormonal breakouts and I’m still a fan.

There’s not much I need to say about the Coconut Body Butter. It is rich and creamy, and smells like coconut summery heaven. This was the first ever Body Shop body butter I was ever introduced to and I still enjoy smothering my body in this.

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