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I love supporting local brands, especially ones that are good! I have followed Lulu & Marula on Instagram for a few years now, and this festive season I decided to purchase a few products; some gifts and this product for myself. The product that I kept for myself was the Balancing Cleansing Balm.

This is a product meant to cleanse your face but also to remove makeup. Which as you guys know, is completely my jam. This is a thick balm that turns into a milky texture when it comes into contact with water. So the way to use this is to smooth over makeup, on a dry face, then add water to turn it milky, and then rinse off with warm water or a damp face cloth.

This is a very thick formula so I find the best way to use this is to slowly add more water as you’re smoothing it over the face. This results in less tugging on the skin. I love the scent; it’s slightly citrusy but nothing overpowering! I do still go in with another step of cleansing (I do this with all my balm cleansers), but this really gets the good bulk of makeup off my face.

Lulu & Marula as a brand is all-natural, cruelty-free, and minimalist in design. Where they can, they use local products and only make small batches of product at a time so that you get something fresh. When my products arrived, they came in a little cardboard box with a handwritten personal note – so cute!

Click the link here to visit their website and check out what else they have. I will be reviewing more local brands on the blog, so comment with any suggestions!

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