NEW At Catrice: Spring/Summer 2017

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Catrice have released their Spring/Summer 2017 collection – and there’s plenty more where these came from! The collection was inspired by the season’s catwalk makeup looks and as always, at affordable prices. So let’s take a look, shall we?


The Colour Correcting Pens are not only for the eyes, but can also be used all over the face depending on your colour correcting needs. These have a medium coverage and come in three shades; yellow (anti-dark), green (anti-red), and lavender (brightening). Retail price: 92,95.

The Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof gives a lengthened and defined finish to the lashes. It doesn’t flake off or run under your eyes, and has a deep black colour. Retail price: R79,95.

The Glam & Doll Super Black Liner Waterproof is a black felt-tip liner. It has long-lasting power but is not impossible to remove. Felt-tips tend to dry out quicker than pot liners but for the price, it’s a steal. Retail price: R69,95.

Brow Palette Matt & Glow is a brow palette that offers a natural matt finish, a sculpted finish, and a trendy glow finish. This is due to the fact that there is a matt powder, a wax to shape and set your brow hairs, and a shimmer brown powder. Available in two shades.


The Ultimate Matt Lipstick comes in five different shades and is completely matt but not uncomfortable to wear. These have a very high colour pay-off and intense coverage, I would recommend using a lipliner with the darker shades. Retail price: 79,95.

The Liquid Lip Powder is a metallic lip product with a matt finish. I’ve never used a product like this before; it dries matt and really doesn’t budge. This product comes in six shades and retails for R79,95.

The Volumizing Lip Balm contains shea butter and gives the lips a slight pink tint. This has slight cooling effect, don’t expect dramatic plumping, but rather something more subtle. Retail price: 89,95.


The Brown Collection Nail Lacquers come in four different shades. These have a high coverage and high shine effect. Retail price: R59,95.

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Rodial Review #6: Brows & Lashes

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The sixth and final blog post of this Rodial series is upon us. We’re finally on the hot topic of eyes. I don’t know about you guys, but brows especially are a very important part of my makeup routine – gotta keep them on fleek!

I can’t tell you how many times I have walked out the house without putting my mascara on after doing a full-on eye makeup look. So embarrassing. This was a new thing for me because I mostly stick to small mascara brushes with plastic bristles. This has a fatter brush than I’m used to, but I surprisingly am completely on board with this one. This adds so much volume to my lashes without it being clumpy, and it builds so well if you feel like going in with a good couple of coats.

The eyebrow pencil is my absolute fav. I love a pencil that has everything I need; a precise product (no sharpening needed) and a spooly/brush on the other end. There are three shades of this pencil, all with ash undertones, which I wish all brands would do! Big fan.

Rodial Review #5: Micellar Water

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Micellar water has been an essential part of my skincare routine for a few years now, and this one was a treat to try. This is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water with hyaluronic acid and b3.

This is a rose water that removes makeup, helps with impurities and hydrates your skin. Rose water is good for refreshing your skin whilst doing a light cleanse, and Vitamin B3 is good for evening out your skin tone and boosting radiance. The “Dragon’s Blood” (it’s nothing scary, I promise!) is an extract from the Croton Lechleri tree which helps to protect your skin against pollution. Last but not least, hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that helps with retaining moisture and anti-aging.

The packaging is clean and aesthetically pleasing. One pump of product gives off quite a bit so you don’t need loads. The smell of this is refreshing and only subtly smells of rose. I do experience a slight tingling sensation when I use this, which my sister didn’t enjoy on her skin. I don’t know how sensitive skin would respond to this, but it says “suitable for sensitive skin”.

Overall, this product does a really good job of removing my makeup. I still go in with an additional cleanser, but I do that anyway, regardless of what makeup remover I use. Always do a proper cleanse! If you like cleansing waters, you’d probably love this one.

To find out more, click here.

Rodial Review #4: Pressed Powders

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And now we delve into the pressed powders from Rodial. The first powder I’ll talk about is their new banana powder. If you’re not familiar with banana powder, it is just a yellow-toned finishing powder to brighten your complexion whilst mattifying it at the same time.

This product suits a wide range of skin tones without it being a translucent powder. The formula of this is very lightweight, it stays true to colour throughout the day (don’t worry, you won’t look yellow!) and doesn’t cake up. It can also be used to “bake” under your eyes if that’s a trend you fancy 🙂

The Instagram Deluxe Bronzing Powder adds the perfect sun-kissed warmth to the skin. This also suits a wide variety of skin tones and has a matte finish. This product is very pigmented so definitely go in with a lighter hand.

Overall, the packaging on these products feels luxurious and they look absolutely stunning on my shelf – looks (sometimes) count, ok!

For more info on Rodial powders, click here.

Rodial Review #3: Airbrush Make-Up

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As a complete contrast to the previous post in this series, here is Rodial’s full coverage foundation. This is their pot of Airbrush Makeup, and guys it really is full coverage.

Don’t let the size fool you, a little bit goes a long way with this stuff. I’ve been applying this with a buffing brush, which gives it its fullest coverage. If you wanted to thin it out a bit you could always mix it with an oil on the back of your hand first or apply it with a damp beauty sponge. This really packs a punch; there is no need to build this product up, nor is their much of a need to mattify this with powder. I always mattify my t-zone and that is all I do with this. I love this product for nights out when I want my face to look flawless, last a long time, and have zero flashback in photos.

The consistency of this foundation is like a paste and I do find that it can separate around my nose if I don’t wear a primer. It comes in four shades (I wear the shade 03), so again, not a huge shade range, but if they have yours and you’re looking for a full coverage foundation, definitely give this one a try!

For more information, click here.

Rodial Review #2: Skin Tint

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One of the first Rodial products I tried was this skin tint. As most of you know, a natural skin finish is my bread and butter. I’m all for the bare minimum it takes to hide a few flaws but ultimately, enhance natural beauty. So a skin tint like this is right up my alley.

The formula of this is very lightweight with a dewy finish. It has a medium coverage but is buildable, and it builds up so well – no streak marks or any of the product breaking up weirdly. It contains amino-peptides which help to brighten the skin and assist with signs of ageing. It also contains an spf of 20, which isn’t much but it’s still something.

I love this product for when I’m in a rush, especially in the warmer months. This comes in five shades, I have the shade “St Barts”. Unfortunately they don’t run too dark, but if you’re on the tanned to light spectrum you’ll love this!

For more info, follow the link here.

Rodial Review #1: Snake Serum O2

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Being that Rodial was a brand that was birthed out of a love of skincare, of course the first edition to this series would be a skincare post.

This product in particular is from Rodial’s Snake range and is their serum. If you’re not familiar with serums, they are basically a step before moisturiser that works as an extra layer of moisture as well as offering other benefits. Ever since I’ve started using serums, I can’t not have them in my skincare routine.

The Snake Serum O2 is part of Rodial’s Anti-Age range. Which, I know I’m still relatively young, but I like adding a few of these products to my routine as a preventative measure.

Don’t let the name scare you, no snakes were harmed in the making of this serum! This product contains a Syn-Ake Dipeptide (a snake-venom inspired peptide), which reduces fine lines. There is also an oxygen carrier in the formula to encourage cell respiration, and a moisture stimulant known as Sodium Hyaluronate.

Overall a great serum if what you’re looking for is anti-aging properties that will keep your face moisturised and youthful.