Review: L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks

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I was thrilled to find out these clay masks finally hit South African shores. I purchased these masks when I was in the US only to find out that they have now been released in our neck of the woods – yay! These are available for purchase at Clicks and Dischem, as well as online. Retail price: R150.

To start, the packaging is very aesthetically pleasing and feels very good quality because of the glass jar. The price is reasonable for a clay face mask and for the amount of product that you get. There are three different versions of these, targeting various skin issues; a Purity Mask, a Glow mask, and a Detox Mask. I tried out all three and here is what I thought 🙂

The Purity Mask is turquoise in colour and has a gel-like consistency. The scent smells fresh and slightly of eucalyptus. Once dried, it feels tight on the skin and once washed off, it leaves my skin feeling firmer and very fresh. After multiple uses, my pores appeared smaller and my skin appeared more matte.

The Glow Mask is burnt orange in colour and is the only mask out of all three that has exfoliating particles in it. Because of the particles, the mask removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling smooth without feeling stripped.

The Detox Mask is grey in colour and this is due to the charcoal ingredient. I personally love charcoal as an ingredient in skincare because it is incredible at extracting dirt and oil out of one’s skin. This can cause blemishes to come to the surface as a result of the extraction, so make sure to use this a good few days before any event.

All masks take 5-10 minutes to dry which is super convenient. They can also all be used three times a week. A really cool trend that I’ve seen with these masks is something called “multi-masking”, which entails using multiple masks simultaneously. For example, I might use the Purity Mask on my T-zone because of it’s mattifying properties, and the Glow Mask on my cheeks to maintain glowy and healthy-looking skin.

Overall, I find these masks to be very effective and useful considering how affordable they are. Definitely a win from L’Oréal 🙂

  • Em
    March 28, 2017

    I’ve been using the clay facewash and it’s fab! Will have to try the masks xx

    • jessjuliet
      March 29, 2017

      They’re goodies! We can do them together in a few weeks! 😀

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