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First written post of 2017, WOO! I hope you guys are having a good start to the year so far. Or, if you’re like me, have already failed on at least half your new year’s resolutions, just know that you’re not alone and things will get better 😉

Since posting my last video (Emily Ratajkowski Golden Globes Tutorial), I’ve been getting questions on my MAC palette that was mentioned (and did not show – sorry!). So, I thought I’d do a post on the palette, which one I chose, how much was spent on it, and if I think it was worth it.

There are 15 shades in the palette, retailing for R890, which works out to a saving of R760 (with the refills costing R110, individual shadow sin their own container cost R220). The total cost is quite steep but if you’re a MAC eyeshadow fan, this is definitely worth it.

I decided to go for the “warm neutrals” palette, but they also have the “cool neutrals” palette if that’s more your thing. I prefer warm tones and found that the different combinations that I could create with warmer tones just really suited my complexion. I also love that the palette comes with a good mix of matte and shimmer shadows.

Now, for the shades: (left to right, top to bottom)

Hey / Warm Breeze / Gingersnap / Dark Brew / Dance In The Dark

Brulé / Vanilla Extract / Honey Lust / Amber Lights / Saddle

Lemon Tart / Creative Copper / Butterfudge / Divine Decadence / Unwind

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