Review: Sleek Matte Me

By Thursday, August 27, 2015 1 Permalink 1

I finally dabbled in the world of liquid lipsticks. These are essentially matte lipsticks in a liquid formula; they look and initially feel like a lipgloss, but they dry matte and stay put – amazing. There are high-end brands that sell these, Anastasia Beverly Hills being one of them, but you pay a pretty penny for them and I wanted to give the formula a try first.

I found the Sleek version in Boots and decided to do a review of my take on them 🙂 the idea is amazing, I found that with my matte lipsticks they dried out relatively quickly, but that wasn’t the case with these. There is no lipliner needed because the wand allows for enough accuracy on it’s own and it doesn’t “leak” on my lips. It’s not the most comfortable formula to wear, but the colour and staying power makes it so worth it.

These are definitely worth a try, especially the shade “Party Pink” because everyone needs a good red in their collection 🙂 (I know it says pink, but trust me, the shade is red!)