H&M Jewellery Picks

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One thing that I didn’t pack when I was prepping for my London trip was accessories (good job, Jesselyn), but luckily for me, the choice in this city is incredible. Recently I went on a jewellery hunt in H&M and I thought I’d share my purchases with you guys 🙂

With this trip, I really wanted to get festival-type pieces that would be good for layering but that would hold on their own. H&M are really amazing for variety and quality but you won’t break the bank because they are affordable at the same time.

I got two chains that came in a set, a silver choker which came with a matching bracelet, a pack of silver rings that vary in size, a gold bracelet that connects to my middle finger (I love these), and a chunky golden ring with pearlescent detail. Very simple and cool.

I still have plenty of stores to try so you can expect more of these but until then, I hope you enjoy this 🙂



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