H&M Jewellery Picks

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One thing that I didn’t pack when I was prepping for my London trip was accessories (good job, Jesselyn), but luckily for me, the choice in this city is incredible. Recently I went on a jewellery hunt in H&M and I thought I’d share my purchases with you guys 🙂

With this trip, I really wanted to get festival-type pieces that would be good for layering but that would hold on their own. H&M are really amazing for variety and quality but you won’t break the bank because they are affordable at the same time.

I got two chains that came in a set, a silver choker which came with a matching bracelet, a pack of silver rings that vary in size, a gold bracelet that connects to my middle finger (I love these), and a chunky golden ring with pearlescent detail. Very simple and cool.

I still have plenty of stores to try so you can expect more of these but until then, I hope you enjoy this 🙂



Eyebrow Gel Toss-up: L’OrĂ©al vs Maybelline

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Eyebrows on FLEEK. I love having my brows looking flawless, because I think it’s such a great way to frame your face. My latest favourite products to use are these brow gels. I will be posting an eyebrow routine soon, but until then I thought I’d talk about these.

I only recently started using these (for about a month) because we don’t have tinted brow gels in South Africa, and now I love them. The purpose of this product is to set your brows so that they stay in the right shape all day whilst adding a bit of volume, and these two are ahead of the game when it comes to the drugstore.

When I want to set my brows after using an eyebrow pencil or a brush and powder, I like using the Maybelline Brow Drama. This is a great product for setting because it distributes just enough product through the hairs (due to the shape of the brush) and adds a tiny bit of an extra tint. There are four shades available: deep blonde, medium brown, dark, brown, and transparent.

Maybelline Brow


I use the L’OrĂ©al Brow Artist Plumper on days when I don’t feel like doing my eyebrows fully but I still want a little something. The brush on this is smaller and denser, and the product itself has tiny fibres in it so it adds more volume than the Maybelline brow gel. There are three shades available: blonde, brunette, and clear.

L'Oréal Brow

Black Fashion Staples

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When it comes to fashion, black is undoubtedly a staple. I rely a lot on black pieces that I can just throw on and accessorise with a cute pair of socks and a pair of boots, or a statement necklace and be good to go.


Here are a few of the items I think are key:

The high-waisted jeans (Topshop Joni)




The T-shirt dress (Cotton On)




The ankle boot (Topshop)

Ankle boots



The leather jacket (River Island)

_DSC3516 _DSC3522



The long waistcoat (Topshop)




I love having these items to depend on in my time of need (dramatic much?). I hope this provides some inspiration! Black and grey are both colours I treasure, it might be boring to some, but these colours are timeless and worth spending a little extra on! 🙂


Photography: Carla Correia


My Travel Essentials

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After travelling a fair few times, there are certain things I’ve learnt are absolute essentials when flying. These are items that I use to stay comfortable and take good care of my skin (two of the most important things to have sorted, especially for long-haul flights).

For comfort, I like to take a neck cushion, an eye mask, comfy socks, and a sleeping tablet, just in case I struggle.

I find flying dries out my skin quite a lot, so having a some-what decent skincare routine for flying is crucial. Because it is in mid-flight, I like to go for something convenient with a focus on moisture, so here are the products I am never without:

  • Face wipes for general cleansing and makeup removal
  • Serum to prep my skin for my moisturiser (this helps to lock in the moisture)
  • Moisturiser (that oh-so important drink of water for my skin!)
  • Eye cream because the eyes dry out the most and the skin is extra sensitive, so it needs more care
  • Lip balm

I also take a few make-up basics for when I land:

  • Concealer to hide darkness under my eyes and cover any blemishes
  • Mascara
  • Blush to add a bit of colour to my cheeks so I don’t look like a dead person

Travel Essentials


That’s it. This is everything I use to make flying a more enjoyable experience. It works for me, and I hope it helps you! x


Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoo

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I finally got my hands on these babies! I am in love with the MAC paint pots, either as a base for my eye shadows or just on their own. It is essentially a cream eye shadow and I apply it with my finger, blend it out, and I’m good to go – so easy.

I heard about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos from numerous bloggers and was very excited to try them. They are much cheaper than the MAC paint pots and are very similar in texture but they don’t come in as many shades and they take a little more effort to warm up before applying.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product as a drugstore dupe for the paint pots. I bought three shades and have been loving them so far!